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Greetings Everyone! I would like to thank you for taking out time to visit my blog. Here, I blog on the Digital Marketing niche along with some tech stuff.

This might motivate you to start working from home

Get this straight! The current pandemic scenario has screwed with more or less everyone’s lives. We all know this. This can’t be denied and neither can it be changed. But are you going to cry over this and wait for things…

Law of Marketing

While many of us consider marketing as a technical term and maybe something really clumsy and complicated to deal with, the truth is that Marketing is really easy to grasp and eventually implement those methods to achieve a ton of things.

Marketing primarily starts even before you…

Where I see myself in 5 years…

Sarvam was always in love. In love with History. Back in his school days, he decided to pursue his career in Archaeology. He was always fascinated by man’s past and how he could use Mankind’s history to answer what lies ahead for us…

Hustle as a Freelancer

Looking back in time, I wish I had put more effort into having freelancing as my side-hustle. I still freelance, although, I’m more into blogging and establishing my own website to give out valuable content to all the lovely people out there, including you.

I wouldn’t waste time discussing what…

Apps To Make Use Of In 2021

Windows 10 Logo

Back in 2015, Microsoft officially launched Windows 10 for people worldwide. It received major support and love from its users all around the world. As a successor of Windows 8.1, it has been successful in winning over the hearts of millions of people over the globe.

Windows 10 had a…

The Best You Can Find

Consider this. Peter and Mike are students who frequently use their PC for their school projects. Pete uses the Grammarly tool for optimizing his written content, whilst Mike relies on his default offline Word autocorrect tool. The result being, Peter scores much higher than Mike…

Earn Passively With Surveys

Making Money Online with Surveys is pretty easy. How? This article will answer that question along with legit websites that pay you for filling out short surveys. These websites do have payments proofs as well, and I’ve been personally using them for a few months now.

What are Surveys?

Make Money Freelancing As A Hustler

We Generate Fear While We Sit. We Overcome Them By Action.

- Dr. Henry Link

Many would agree with me when I say that there is a phase in our lives when we want to be independent, when we want to be able enough…

Sarvam Fating

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